Pi-Rat! News and Pics!


Hello again! A quick update with some lovely pics of tiny people and their Pi-Rat! book. I love these photographs with all my heart(ies) so keep them coming, and I’ll post them here for everyone to marvel at!

pi-rat blog pic sml

That photo up there at the top is from a school visit yesterday. Not just any visit, it was my first Pi-Rat! school visit. And it was at my son’s school. Eep! We had a fabulous time – lots of ‘arrr’ing and we made hats too! I’ll post more pics of the day soon. It’s all part of Little Tiger’s ‘Reading Rocks!’ event. I also answered some question’s for Storyseekers which you can find here along with their review of Pi-Rat!.

Speaking of reviews and such, head over to Library Mice to see all five Reading Rocks! picture books on their carousel.

Max x

6 thoughts on “Pi-Rat! News and Pics!

  1. Just popped in to let you know that your book looks great. The title ‘Pi-Rat’ is so charming and funny, and I am sure indicative of the fabulous story among it’s pages. Congrats!

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