I am represented by The Bright Agency/The Bright Literary Academy – please contact: (for illustration/licensing)

or or (publishing/my work as an author/illustrator)

If you are looking for a critique of either your illustration/writing for children (or both), I am happy to do this but I will make a small charge for this service from now on. I hate to do this but I can spend a lot of time responding to emails/requests of this nature.

To contact me directly about anything else:

Telephone 07758 451 831



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  2. Good afternoon. I would love to be able to use “Tiny Tantrum” as an image for an upcoming sermon series called “You’re Not The Boss of Me” – We are a small church in Maryland, USA. If we could use it, we would give you credit and could pay you a small royalty if needed. We would use the pic on our webpage and Facebook to promote the series. Would this be possible?

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