Working with bright colours, and an overactive imagination, I make illustrations that children and adults can respond to with a knowing smile. I try and bring the everyday to life and the extraordinary seem just around the corner. I work with a mischevious sense of humour and keep my books inclusive, sensitive and relevant.


Reviews of my work from around the web:

‘Pi-Rat!’ Little Tiger Press (2013)

“Adorable, mixed-media illustrations with lots of humorous touches will coax any little landlubber to the sea—er, bathtub.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Loved it, so did my boys (aged 5 and 7). It’s a fabulous book, with fabulous illustrations.There are all sorts of little details to find. I confess I also did a pirate accent (well tried) it’s impossible not to. Highly recommended.” (Amazon UK)

“Beautifully illustrated using a palette of muted blues and greys, combined with simple text set against copy book background and into speech bubbles, Pi-Rat is a fun book that young readers will enjoy flicking through by themselves or having read to them. The graphic-design style illustrations truly capture the vulnerability of Pi-Rat, who like many little tearaway pirates wreak havoc during the day, but can be transformed into sweet angels after bath time when they are ready to lay down their swords for the night.” (Inismagazine.ie)

‘Sorry, Dad!’ Little Tiger Press (2014)

“Maxine’s bold and colourful illustrations and exquisite comic timing are giggle-worthy, and we absolutely couldn’t get enough of that bit where Dad erupts like Mt Vesuvius. (Dad doesn’t stay angry for long though :)” (Read It Daddy!)

“Sorry Dad is a fantastically illustrated book that is full of fun, mis-hap and great messages – perfect for some daddy time!” (Little Fiction Fascination)

‘Big Whoop!’ Pow! Kids Books (2014)

“What an interesting and entertaining tale of friendships,perseverance with whimsical illustrations and humorous drawings. Silly scenarios, and laughter plus funny, cute, vivid illustrations, makes this a perfect for your little youngsters!” (My Book Addiction)

“Big Whoop! had me laughing as much as my kids were. An unamused fox can’t seem to find much spark in life, so his imaginative little friends try to get a rise out of him. It’s definitely a book Oliver Jeffers fans would enjoy, with a plot and characters entertaining to adults and children alike. The illustrations are adorable. I highly recommend, as do my kids, they’re five and seven and they both agree this one is their favorite.” (Baily C., Goodreads)

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