Ooooh Shiny! – Pearlescent Tinting Medium

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I don’t often use additives or mediums. Occasionally I’ll use a flow enhancer for larger pieces but only when I can get the lid off the bottle without breaking my hand (must remember to clean the bottle before putting the lid back on).

The flat colour of this Pearlescent Tinting Medium medium was perfect for my snow and having never used it before –I got it with a bundle of paint tubes– I thought I’d use it and see what happened (you know how much I love experimenting). You could go too wild with this and end up with something very tacky but in moderation it’s gorgeous.

Anyways, look what it does (if you haven’t seen or used it before).

This is the colour I wanted, and I expect, how it would reproduce in print. This is straight out of the tube:

And this is what happens when the light catches it:

Isn’t that lovely!

I’ll post the full illustration tomorrow when I can hopefully get some good light to photograph it properly.

2 thoughts on “Ooooh Shiny! – Pearlescent Tinting Medium

  1. I love your work, you are so inspiring. I am very interested in creating more children’s illustrations, and it is awesome to see what others like yourself are doing. I don’t ever use additives and I am very curious about trying a few out after reading this.

    1. Thanks Sarah – I’d love to see what you come up with by using different mediums – the texture that you have in your watercolour illustrations are amazing without x

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