Just a quick post to share some the fabulous reviews/comments left by Mumsnet members after their big Sorry, Dad! giveaway. I do love a bit of Mumsnet (in between sketching and writing) so when I saw these, I was smiling all over my face.

Click here to read Mumsnet reviews for Sorry, Dad!

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Super-Awesome Drawing Competition!

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You don’t have to draw like a boss to win – just draw a picture of the worst thing you ever did to your dad and write Sorry, Dad! on there. For example – my sister waited until my dad was asleep, bit the heads off all her jelly-babies and then stuffed the bodies in his gaping, snoring mouth. I’d give you an example of my own but I was angelic and was always nice. Ahem.

Are you as bad as the cheeky little cat in Sorry, Dad?


You can tweet your pics to me @maxillustration or you can post them on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/maxillustration.I’ll put them all in an album for everyone to see and announce the winner next week. You have until 4th June to get your entries in! If you have 10 children, they can all enter separately. You can help me decide the winner by ‘Liking’ your favourite pics.

The prize is a signed illustration (by me) of you and your Dad (Step-Dad, Granddad – use your imagination here) and the worst thing you did…I’ll even throw in a signed copy of ‘Sorry, Dad!.

Please only enter if you’re in the UK – sorry for the exclusion, I wish we could all do what we like but I don’t want to get told off.

Get drawing!

Signed Pi-Rat! Giveaway!

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Hello, Shipmates! I’ve got a signed copy of Pi-Rat here with your name on it! Well it could have, if you enter this little giveaway…


All I ask, is that you tell someone about Pi-Rat! and this giveaway. You can Tweet it, Facebook it or just tell your next door neighbour. I don’t mind. All you need to do then is let me know by leaving a comment on this post (I don’t need names, addresses, photographs or underwear of your neighbours)*.

If you win, I’ll send you a copy of Pi-Rat! with a personal message inside for that special little someone in your life. I’ll draw a random winner at 7.30pm on 28th August 2013. Good luck xx

(*Unfortunately, I can only open this giveaway to UK residents)