Cow and Bird…(and a few giraffes)

Childrens Illustration, General

Oh I’m hopeless, I know. It feels like last week since I was last on here but I can see from the dates it was a good few months. I haven’t been completely lazy, I’ve been making cuddly wabbids mainly but thought I’d better skip back to the job in hand, and the job in hand was this:

Watercolour on A3 Bockingford

And these:

Imaginary Giraffes


About that Dragon…

Childrens Illustration, General

So I’ve been struggling with this little guy for a while…the initial sketches were too ‘old’ looking; he needs to appeal to toddlers…so here is the finished illustration.

Paper Woes


Why oh why oh why wont my paper behave? I’m following the rules but it just wants to curl up a soon as I touch it – any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated folks as I’m all out of ideas…



Messing. One of life’s finer pleasures. Especially if you have a studio full of stuff that has not yet been messed with, despite having been there for months …

I’m hard at work on lots of projects at the moment, as soon as I get the go ahead I’ll post some of those. In the meantime this is an experiment with my new paper and not so new acrylic inks.