Red, Black, Blue Zines

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Those zines I’ve spent the past few months working on are almost ready for packaging up. It’s a limited run of 50 sets that I’ll be sending out as self-promos. I’ll be posting some for sale and will keep you in the loop. If you know any #artdirector after some #teen to adult #gothic #alternative#illustration, please ask them to contact me with their details and I’ll send a complimentary set over.

Updated: For anyone wanting to buy a limited edition set, please visit my Etsy store here

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Warm Up Sketch 11/08/2017 – White Car, Snow and Dalmations

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

Trying to draw a scene with lots of separate white elements – part speed painting, part over-complicated, over-blended muddle. This doesn’t quite work for me but I feel I’ve learned something from it. And I’ve stayed on the pet theme. I need a new theme for next week…

Warm Up Sketch 09/08/2017 – Rabbit on a Skateboard

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

The colour and the shape are making him look more like E.T. than I was going for…

Three Wise Monkeys

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While I’m formulating The Best Blog Post Ever, here are a few bits of what of been up to (so my blog doesn’t feel like the Marie Celeste).

Three Wise Monkeys


Martial Arts IllustrationHTD_Mermaid_1500pxw


A Tiny Tantrum

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Character development – I think I’ll call her Amelia…

Tiger Trouble

Childrens Illustration, General

A double page spread based on an idea I have for a new story…I see a bit of a ‘personality trait’ theme developing.

Hungry Snake…

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Apologies if he eats your screen…he’s pretty big at original size (210x600mm)