The Snow Queen

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snow queen


I know, I know…But I had to. The Snow Queen has been on my to-draw list for a long time. Ever since Father Christmas stuffed my stocking with a very dark and beautiful jigsaw when I was a tiny little-person, I’ve been fascinated. The whole scene was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen – I was completely transfixed and often commandeered my nan’s coffee table for days at a time to put together my amazing, silver-sparkly jigsaw. I’m still enchanted by snow and ice and her so if I was ever going to draw a queen, it just had to be this one.

When Good Days Go Bad

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Bad Day

How to Draw a Pet Unicorn

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I know, I know…I’ve neglected my blog. Again. So to make up for it, I made this step-by-step guide to drawing pet unicorns to keep you all amused! I’d love to see what you and your little ones come up with so get drawing and tag me in your creations on Twitter (@maxillustration) or Facebook (Maxine Lee Illustration)!

I have this as a hi-res A4 file, so if you’d like to print, email/message me and I’ll send it over. Enjoy¬†x


Some Bunnies!

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Its been a busy month, so while I’m working away, please enjoy these bunnies I prepared earlier…August to be precise. Charcoal is fabulous for loose sketches and is my (not so new) best friend. I’ll be back to update with copious amounts of new work very soon x



Book Dummy – A Very Late Update About Pi-Rat!

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As I was sitting here, delicately nibbling a doughnut (stuffing my face) it hit me that I never actually came back and updated my book dummy adventures. For those of you that were following or just like to read a happy ending, I’ll do it now (as soon as I’ve finished this cake).

That was lovely.

As I mentioned in my last ‘dummy’ post, I digitally submitted it to four literary agents. I sat back and started to think about my next idea. Then I got an email from one of the four the same week -I was completely taken off guard…brilliant!

After speaking initially with Lauren I knew straight away that I was going to accept her offer of representation. The conversation was laid back, Lauren was lovely and I felt at ease to ask questions (even the stupid ones). As I’d done my research beforehand, I already knew that on a professional level, this was one of the four agencies I wanted the most. At this point I withdrew my submission from the other three (one of them sent me a lovely email about my dummy and wished me well for the future too, which was nice).

So, the update is, I was offered representation (literary and illustration) by Bright and I have to say, I’m over the moon about it.

As for the dummy itself, it needs some tweaking…but it’s looking better with each one. In between tweaks, I’ve written and started to develop another.

My portfolio at Bright is HERE where you can also see a couple of colour roughs from the dummy.

Thanks to everyone that followed my process, I hope its been helpful,


Updated to add the finished product -here it is on Amazon – Meet Pi-Rat!



Buckingham Palace

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A sketchy Buckingham P. Still testing out my new Wacom (yes I know you’ve heard all about it over on Twitter @maxillustration BUT I still haven’t got over my initial excitement yet).