Latest Speedpaints and Warm-Up Sketches – September 2017

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Warm Up Sketches

All between 10-15 mins. 

Warm Up Sketch 16/08/2017 – House 3

Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

Forgot to post this from yesterday – 20 minutes.

Thought I’d try outlining this one – not my favourite thing to do. It’s okay but it doesn’t make me feel excited or happy. Just confirms that more colour and minimal line is a more natural way for me. 

Warm Up Sketch 11/08/2017 – White Car, Snow and Dalmations

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

Trying to draw a scene with lots of separate white elements – part speed painting, part over-complicated, over-blended muddle. This doesn’t quite work for me but I feel I’ve learned something from it. And I’ve stayed on the pet theme. I need a new theme for next week…

Warm Up Sketch 10/08/2017 – Pet Caterpillar in a Jar

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

This one took longer than I thought it would – around 45 minutes. Just playing with colour and blending.

Warm Up Sketch 09/08/2017 – Rabbit on a Skateboard

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

The colour and the shape are making him look more like E.T. than I was going for…

Warm Up Sketch 08/08/2017 – Baby Guinea Pig

Childrens Illustration, Drawings, Techniques, Warm Up Sketches

Warm up sketches help me to experiment or try new things first thing each morning. They’re not highly detailed or finished art – I usually spend anywhere between 5 minutes and half an hour just focusing on the thing/technique I want to learn more about. When I’m busy, it’s important to me to find time to do this because I lose track of myself, especially when working to prescriptive briefs or doing a lot of copy-artist type work.

Today I’m carrying on with my domestic animals study and trying a new eye shape – around 45 mins

Three Wise Monkeys

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While I’m formulating The Best Blog Post Ever, here are a few bits of what of been up to (so my blog doesn’t feel like the Marie Celeste).

Three Wise Monkeys


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