Maxine Lee

Warm Up Sketch 16/08/2017 – House 3

Posted by on Aug 17 2017

Forgot to post this from yesterday – 20 minutes.

Thought I’d try outlining this one – not my favourite thing to do. It’s okay but it doesn’t make me feel excited or happy. Just confirms that more colour and minimal line is a more natural way for me. 

Warm Up Sketch 15/08/2017 – House 2

Posted by on Aug 15 2017

Warm up sketch – 15 minutes.

I’m time poor and tired today after a sick night for our youngest, so my warm up today is just a quick and loose under-painting (with colour palette – you lucky devils).  

Warm Up Sketch 11/08/2017 – White Car, Snow and Dalmations

Posted by on Aug 11 2017

Trying to draw a scene with lots of separate white elements – part speed painting, part over-complicated, over-blended muddle. This doesn’t quite work for me but I feel I’ve learned something from it. And I’ve stayed on the pet theme. I need a new theme for next week…