The Best Advice I was Ever Given – For illustration and General Day-to-Dayness

Sometimes, I wish I had one of those people who writes the little quotes that pop-up on my Facebook news feed sat on my shoulder. Then I could respond to every situation with a positive ‘thought for the day’. But I don’t. So I often end up sounding really passive-aggressive or overly interested in things that don’t interest me (which can lead to me having to feign interest in the same subject for as many years as I know the person who actually is interested in it…).

This general demeanour has led to lots of unsolicited advice, but here are the best words of wisdom that were ever thrown my way.

“You are not a sausage factory.”

This has stuck with me through thick and thin – offered by an amazing illustrator when I was right at the beginning of my career. You know that bit where the whole world appears to be asking you to work for free (I like to call them ‘freedy’). Well I had a client who was getting a good 4 weeks worth of my time for the equivalent of a piece of fluff and a magic bean. Really. They were also working my fingers to the bone and pretty much wanting me to just bang out generic images, just using me as their hands. There was no creativity involved whatsoever. I asked a group of very professional illustrators ‘What should I do?’. A very, VERY fabulous lady said ‘You’re not a sausage factory’ and I understood everything all at the same time. I think that was the day I learned self-respect as an illustrator. I’ve never worked on a job like that again.

Cinderella in rags (

Working my fingers to the bone…(

“If you act like you fell out of a Christmas cracker, that’s how people will treat you.” 

This is pretty self explanatory and came from something I was reading on a very funny ‘mums’ website. If you have no values, morals, expectations then you only have a novelty value. And as we all know, novelty wears off very quickly. Stand up and say what you’re about.

“Ask. The worst that can happen is a big fat ‘no’.”

The most straight forward thing can sometimes be the hardest thing. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Sometimes, if you do ask, you don’t get. But the most important thing here is, nothing worth having is usually offered on a plate. You really do have to make your own opportunities or you’ll forever be wondering why everyone else is getting ahead and you’re stuck on the couch in your pyjamas watching daytime TV and checking your phone every five minutes. Disclaimer: Even if you become a go-getter overnight, I can’t guarantee that you won’t still check your phone every five minutes…

“You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you have to go through it.”

Ten points to everyone who’s sticking their hands up now saying ‘I know that one!’. This is a great mantra for tough times or that middle to end bit of a project or that one double page spread you’re really not looking forward to colouring. This is my favourite all-rounder.

And when everything goes wrong:

“What’s for you, won’t go by you.”

This is my mum’s stock phrase for when things go wrong. It’s a bit hokey-pokey but it always makes me feel better. I do find myself now saying this to other people when everything goes belly-up.

“You’ve got more chance of being bitten on the *ahem* bum by a cabbage.”

This is my dads.

Thanks for reading, I hope some of these stay with you and help you like they did me. If not, feel free to add your own in the comments.


Edinburgh Book Festival and a Pi-Rat! Activity Sheet

So Edinburgh was brilliant. I met lots of lovely people, grinned (like my brain had fell out) as I said hello to Nick Sharratt and Guy Parker-Rees, had the two most amazing chairs introducing my events, had a shock beyond belief at the cost of two dippy eggs and a piece of toast, ate fudge and watched A Touch of Frost. I also saw a lady in a bright pink tutu push her whole body through something that looked like a tennis racquet, a man throw a stick of fire in the air and almost set a member of the crowd on fire and lots of dogs made of sand. The best thing though, as ever, was the sea of little smiling faces waiting for me to do something pirate-y and the ever more bizarre and lovely sly hugs that the children (this time at Drumbrae Library) throw on you when you’re least expecting it (although, I don’t think anyone will take me more by surprise that the little boy who kissed me on the knee back in May). It will never stop bewildering me when I see the standard of art that these little people produce in a draw-along.

Unfortunately I’m a little late with this post as I brought back a horrendous cold/sinus-y thing/chesty thing with me and just generally getting any work done has been like wading through custard.


Pi-Rat! guarding my post-event drink

I made a handout for the children attending the events and now it’s all over, I can share it with everyone – feel free to download and (as ever) don’t forget to show me what your little ones’ come up with!

Copyright Maxine Lee 2014

Copyright Maxine Lee 2014



Big Whoop! A Whole Book From A Tiny Illustration.

If you were following my Twitter account a few years ago, you may remember that I had a fox as my background, just on the left of the page. His sharp little nose pointed to a post and he said Big Whoop with his sarcastic face on.

Sarcastic Mr. Fox

So how do you go from there to a book?

Well the first thing to happen was a conversation with my Agent (Bright) in the US* and at the time, that was the fabulous Kirsten Hall. I had no intention of doing anything other than occasionally agree with Mr. Fox as he selected a random post on Twitter to be not bothered about (sometimes my own, sometimes not). Kirsten had a twitchy feeling though and planted the seed that he’d be a great character if I could develop a story for him.

So I did.

It involved a rabbit, a squirrel, a helicopter, a dragon, kittens, a chessboard and a sausage. The sausage was eventually dropped, for reasons of decency, but the story was something to build on with the right publisher. Cue Pow! Kids Books.

I had one of those overseas conversations with Sharyn at Pow!, you know where you sound very awkward and dweeb-like because of the delay (laughing 20 seconds after the last sentence started so you miss the start of the next sentence). We talked about language and words and I learned why American’s look at me like I’m a little strange in face-to-face conversation. I use a LOT of colloquial terms, so we had to change that. Originally, there was a line ‘Well fold me like a letter and post me home!’. That was cut.

At this point, we signed the deal, and although it was my third book, it was my first with a publisher outside of the UK so I was completely chuffed (if you’re in the UK)/stoked (if you’re in the US).

From there it was just ironing out details and colouring in. The personalities of Roman and Harrison and Mr. Fox are all family based. I couldn’t possibly put names to them, that would be rude, but I bet the lovely mister can spot himself in there…


Pow! have been brilliant to work with and pretty much let me run riot with the artwork, but I’ll always be sad about the sausage. I loved that sausage, in all it’s innocent inappropriateness.

To see for yourself or to play ‘Spot where the sausage was’, Big Whoop! is available here and all over the place (in the US) or on Amazon or Foyles in the UK.

If you fancy seeing some reviews, you can check out Goodreads or Google if you have a spare 5 minutes.

To keep up to date with all my latest goings on in your Facebook news feed, you can stay in touch here - FACEBOOK – tada!

I really appreciate your support, people, even just reading my waffles on here. It means so much to me and I can’t say a GREATBIGTHANKYOU enough!

Max x

*I should point out that my Agents in the US now are the equally fabulous Anne Moore-Armstrong and James Burns.









New Things!

mrfox_from BigWhoop

Big Whoop!

Just checking in quickly to shout about the fact that I’ve updated my folio with lots of new things. You can get there by clicking the link up there ^ or go to if you like typing.

I’ve uploaded lots of art from Big Whoop!, Sorry, Dad!, Pi-Rat!, a picture dictionary I worked on last year for Blue Rabbit and some educational spreads for Learning Focus and Compass Media.

Pi-Rat_Published Aug 2013_maxinelee_sml Spreads from Big Whoop! (top) and Pi-Rat!

I’ll post again shortly with a nice meaningful post about the fabulous commissions/projects I’m working on right now, just as soon as the heat stops frazzling my brain.

Max x

SorryDad2_PublishedMay14_maxinelee sml

Sorry, Dad!

Catch-Up, Musical Influence and a New Thing!

Some things get inside your head and refuse to be ignored. I find this is especially true with music. There’s just something about particular songs/artists that draw you to them. You can weave a story between the lines or come up with a typographical composition, spread or doodle that you KNOW would never have happened without hearing a particular song at a particular time.

Some of the most influential artists for me (for this reason) are Sarah Blasko, Of Monsters and Men, Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, ELO, Macy Gray, Bjork, The Jam, Pixies, The Doors, Portishead, Lana Del Ray, The Cure and piano/strings…..Way too many more to mention. Not all necessarily the stuff I’d listen to in my car but definitely good for me and my blank piece of paper. I think it’s the use of descriptive language/narratives/compositions that make them so influential/inspirational for me. Like idea fuel.

Anyways, the point of me drenching you with that info leads me on to the ‘New Thing’ that I mentioned up there ^. Buckle up.

Last week, I started writing a story whilst I was half asleep. It’s a bit odd and macabre and darker than my usual and the idea first sprung to mind as I was listening to one of my inspirational Spotify playlists. Some of you may be able to guess the song some of you not. Depends on your feelings about electro-pop. So I’ve knocked up a cover and I’m going to work on this for fun and post the spreads as I go. I can’t promise it will be a quick process, but if you’d like to follow my progress/comments, here’s a quick link to where I’ll be posting about (da da da daaaaa!) The Child Who Bought The Stars

In between all this listening to music and creative abandon, I’ve been working with some fabulous clients, old and new.


Sorry, Dad! was released last month


Big Whoop! is released next month (July 2014)!



As soon as I have the nod from my lovely clients, I’ll post pics of what I’ve been doing this year so far.

In between working I had a fabulous trip to Cambridge to attend their ‘Read It Again!’ awards ceremony at the Bellbird School in Sawston (Hello, Wrens!). ‘Pi-Rat!’ received a ‘Highly Commended’ award – look:



A little Pi-Rat! inspired island as made by the Wrens at the Bellbird School in Sawston.

A brilliant Pi-Rat! inspired island as made by the Wrens at the Bellbird School in Sawston.

I’m now preparing for the Edinburgh Festival where I’ll be reading Pi-Rat! ( who will be making a very special appearance in person/ratson?) and making pirate hats, so if you’re in Edinburgh on the 19th August, I’l be at the Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab at 1.30 – information and tickets available here